The Best Enduro Motorcycle For All Types Of Riders [2023]

The sense of freedom earned by taking to the road on your motorcycle is unparalleled. Feeling the open air whipping past you as you reach high speeds and watch as the World turns around you.

This is to say nothing of off-road motorcycling. Which is equally as exhilarating and freeing, as you carve up the dirt and quickly whip between trees.

The problem is, both off-road and on-road motorbiking require very different types of vehicle designed for each type of terrain.

Getting the perfect motorcycle for your needs is already a difficult and highly objective task that can also cost a significant amount of money.

So imagine having to go through this expensive process for both on-road and off-road motorcycles! How can you possibly fit two motorcycles into your budget without tearing your hair out from the stress?

Luckily, such a problem has been solved by the invention of enduro motorcycles. Which exist to cater to both on-road and off-road sports styles all within one vehicle!

The Best Enduro Motorcycle For All Types Of Riders [2023] infographics

The question now is which enduro motorcycle should you go with?

Which one gives you the best balance of modes? If you want to pick up your own enduro motorcycle. However, aren’t sure which one to go for, we’ll help you to make that decision easier.

Make sure to stick around for our dedicated buyer’s guide. You don’t want to miss
our list of best enduro motorcycle.


KTM 300 XC in isolated white background

Purpose-built to handle even the most extreme of conditions, the KTM 300 EXC is an absolute marvel of motorcycle design. This dirt bike costs $11,099.

Since 1984, the manufacturer KTM has been perfecting the design of this enduro motorcycle to perfectly cater to all kinds of motorcycling needs. While still remaining comfortable no matter the conditions. 

The KTM 300 EXC features an amazing and eye-catching design. It has an orange, black, and white design that shines whether speeding around tracks or hitting the open road.

The body of the motorcycle is nimble and slender, held aloft by two wheels that feature large rims to ensure stability and flexibility. Which makes for more comfortable riding across all kinds of terrain.


This comfort is further supported by all-around suspension. It has durable springs on both the front and back wheels, to absorb shock and keep you from bouncing around uncomfortably.

The suspension system is designed in order to keep the front end of the vehicle higher than the back wheel. It prevent you from accidentally bottoming out.

Controlling the vehicle is also far easier than competing motorbikes, thanks to its well-designed handlebar. Which provides you seamless control over your direction, and easy to access brakes that bring you to a quick, but safe, stop.

The handlebars are equipped with durable vulcanized hand grips that lock on to the handlebars. This way you don’t have to glue them down, and they won’t come loose during intense riding sessions.

Long days spent on your motorcycle are also made easier with this motorcycle. Thanks to its decently sized fuel tank, which is easy to refill, and that has an easily accessible fuel sensor so that you can stay on top.

You also won’t have to worry about overworking the KTM 300 EXC, as the vehicle is fitted with radiators and large tubes. This ensures that coolant can properly flow through the system to keep it at a stable temperature. 

  • Eye-catching design that does not sacrifice efficiency and durability. 
  • High-quality suspension facilitates a smooth ride no matter the terrain.
  • Solid handlebar and grips ensure that you have constant control, and will not lose grip during intense sessions. 
  • It is possible to bottom out the rear fork that is used for suspension.
  • The high price tag makes it a relatively daunting purchase.


Husqvarna TE 300 Motorcycle in isolated white background

Weight is the name of the game when it comes to this enduro motorcycle. This motorcycle weighs over a hefty 106.4 kg, which makes it durable and comfortable while riding.

This motorcycle stands out most for its simplistic design which costs $11,199. Featuring white, black, and yellow carbon fiber elements across the main body of the bike. Which simultaneously look great, and provide extra security for all of the important components.

Suspension is also a focus of this motorcycle. Unlike other vehicles of its type. The Husqvarna uses a steel frame which lends itself better to increased flexibility which leads to longer rides being more comfortable.

The suspension system also keeps your hands and legs from becoming numb. As the motorcycle has a comfortable and plush feel when sitting atop it, or standing while riding, thanks to the flexible suspension.

Husqvarna has also improved comfort by changing the seating section of the bike. Which now features a more plush cushioning section across the slim and slender body of the bike.

You’ll be able to ride for hours without discomfort. Thanks to its simple design, moving into a standing position mid-ride is also much easier.

The TE300 is also more affordable than other motorcycles available from Husqvarna thanks to its lower engine power. Which is sacrificed for the sake of improved comfort and durability throughout different weather conditions.

This makes it a perfect starter dual-sport motorcycle for anyone looking for a great balance between the two modes.

Keeping the TE300 properly fueled is also made easy. Thanks to a large capacity tank, at 9 liters, that has an indicator light to warn you of a low fuel level.

The fuel tank is protected by the solid carbon fiber shell atop the bike, but can easily be accessed thanks to its easily accessed hatch.

  • Less expensive than other Husqvarna models, which makes it perfect for beginners, or those looking for an entry-level way to combine both types of motorcycle.
  • The TE300 is a heavy-weight vehicle built to handle tough conditions without needing to be refueled frequently.
  • Comfort is made easier thanks to a comfortable seat and high-quality suspension that eases tension on hands and feet and reduces vibration.
  • A smaller engine means the vehicle is not as powerful as other Husqvarna models, but this allows for a more affordable price tag.
  • The engine has fewer cooling options than other competing motorcycles.


Beta RR 300 Enduro Dirt Bike

Small and compact, but still packed with features. The Beta RR 300 is perfect for first-time riders, or for those who want an easily transportable dirt bike to be used both off-road and on-road. This dirt bike has the price of $9,899.

The motorbike features a high-capacity fuel tank. It allows you to ride for hours without needing to even think about refueling, with about 9.5 liters of space available. 

The red and black finish of the Beta RR 300 Enduro is stylish and modern, and will still look great after hours of use. Keeping the vehicle maintained and cleaned is simple. Thanks to a carbon fiber red shell that keeps the internal elements safe from rough terrain, and that is easy to wipe down after use if you want it looking like new for the next time you use it. The outer shell of the bike also features a long seat to make low riding comfortable in those few times when you won’t be using it standing up. 


The Beta RR is built close to the ground, which makes it super bouncy thanks to its suspension. Which makes it less uncomfortable to ride through uncertain terrain and that keeps the vehicle from bottoming out when landing from large jumps.

The lower height of the vehicle may seem daunting at first. However, it allows for more precise control, more comfortable riding for long sessions, and easy transportation, thanks to its lightweight build. This motorcycle is also perfect for shorter riders, thanks to its low seat and suspension.

This is a perfect motorcycle for those looking to get started in dual-sport motorcycle riding. Thanks in no small part to its stable and durable frame that provides extra comfort, with strong suspension, and its low-to-the-ground design. It features few bells and whistles but has everything you could possibly need in order to get started. 

  • Perfect for beginners in dual-sport motorcycles, due to its simple design and low price tag.
  • Perfect for shorter riders.
  • Easy to transport and to ride for hours thanks to its lightweight design.
  • Lacks some of the extra features that many motorcycle riders value highly. 
  • The rear suspension forks can occasionally feel weak, especially when landing from great heights.


Sherco 300 SE Dual Sport Motorcycle

Long riding sessions are a new motorcycle away, thanks to this beauty from Sherco, the 300 SE Enduro Motorcycle.

This bike has a feather-light build that makes it easy to transport and means you can achieve some serious air when launching from ramps. 

The light blue and yellow color scheme rests on its carbon fiber shell. It gives the vehicle an up-to-date look that will surely be the envy of your buddies.

This vehicle can ride for hours, thanks to its liquid cooling system. Which pumps the liquid coolant throughout the vehicle to keep it running efficiently without the need for constant stops. Also, without risking burning the vehicle out.

The engine makes little noise and doesn’t shake the foundations of the vehicle, Which makes it easier to keep cool, while still providing some blazing speeds.


Comfort is also a priority with this bike, thanks to its suspension systems that keep vibrations to a minimum. It also absorbs the shock from landing high ramps.

This vehicle is perfect for those who want to tackle some difficult trails and weave between trees and take to the air. Thanks to its sturdy design that will stand up to all kinds of pressure.

Gliding across both natural terrain and the road is a cinch. Thanks to shock-absorbing wheels with thick rims to allow for extreme speeds and to keep the bike upright.

The Sherco 300 also has a low ground clearance. Which means it rides close to the ground, making it perfect for shorter riders, and for making landings easier.

At the cost of its smaller size and lighter weight, this vehicle does sacrifice the size of the fuel tank to about 10 liters. Which means you may need to fill it a bit more often. However, it makes up for this with incredible fuel efficiency and great power to achieve those incredible speeds.

  • Comfortable to ride for long sessions, thanks to incredible
  • suspension, and its comfortable seat.
  • Light and easy to move about, which makes it easy to store,
  • transport, and achieve great aerials from ramps.
  • Low ground clearance makes the vehicle perfect for shorter riders.
  • A slightly smaller fuel tank than competing motorcycles means you may need to fill it up more often.
  • Light weight makes this a very different vehicle than others in terms of control. If you are used to heavier motorcycles, it may take some time to get used to the lower weight.


Gasgas 300 EC

The GasGas 300 EC is raring to go at all times and is purpose-built to handle whatever you throw at it. From roads to mountain trails to dirt paths, the steel red frame not only looks incredibly flashy and classic but also provides extra durability. Gasgas 300 EC has the price of $10,399.

As well as this, the internal body of the bike is protected by a shell of aluminum. Which helps to protect your fuel tank and engine from any debris the vehicle kicks up.

Tank capacity may not be large with the 300 EC. However, this beast makes great use of every drop of fuel you feed it with.

The fuel tank can be accessed easily, through the side of the vehicle to make refueling hassle-free. So you can get right back to riding around at your fastest. 

The smaller tank also makes this bike lighter, which means you can achieve blazing fast speeds, and take to the air from ramps.

You can ride this bike for hours without becoming numb thanks to its comfortable curved seat made from a durable cover. This won’t wear down no matter how often you move between standing and sitting positions.

Keeping the bike under your control is also seamless, due to its high-quality handlebars with an easily accessible throttle and brakes. It has also secure hand grips that won’t slip around beneath your hands.

The aluminum subframe of the Gasgas 300 EC helps to keep the bike balanced while riding and absorbs shock from landings, or the vibrations from rolling across uneven terrain.

Suspension across the board is high quality and durable to make sure that you can become so in tune with the vehicle. As to imagine your flying between trees and up ramps!

  • The red design looks classic but still effortlessly modern, built on top of a sturdy shell.
  • Easy to maintain control while hurtling around the track, thanks to simple but high-quality handlebars.
  • Shock absorption and a comfortable seat make the EC 300 comfortable whether standing up or sitting.
  • Smaller fuel tank capacity may be off-putting to riders who want to hit the track multiple times without stopping.
  • The EC 300 lacks handguards.


KTM 350 EXC-F Dual Sport Motorcycle

The KTM 350 EXC-F is an absolute beast when it comes to sheer power. With a 450cc engine, you’ll be achieving some extreme speeds as you fly past the other riders, whether on the road or not. It has the price of $12,149.

Despite this, the KTM 350 is still an incredibly lightweight vehicle that is perfect for its dual purpose, to be easily transported between the road and offroad tracks.

No matter what position you choose to ride the KTM 350 in, you’ll barely notice that it’s there, thanks to its comfortable seat, and sturdy footpegs, to make moving between seating and standing positions hassle-free.

The handlebar provides sturdy support in both positions, allowing you to get a sense of balance and control over the vehicle while simultaneously matching your balance to that of the bike, to create a seamless ride.

The tires of the KTM 350 are also sturdy and built to take on all types of terrain, without ever feeling like they are working outside of your best interests.

The tires can gain traction no matter where you take them, so you can always keep moving forward even in spots where you’d expect other motorbikes to falter!

The tires are also fitted with good suspension to make even the roughest terrain seem as smooth as velvet.

This is also a great entry-level vehicle for those who are thinking of taking on a dual-sport motorcycle.

The feel of the KTM 350 is smooth as butter, and any rider, no matter experience level will feel a sense of unity with the vehicle which lends itself to easy learning.

There are no complicated components or extras to confuse the rider, just simple and efficient design.

  • Simple design makes the KTM 350 easy to understand and control, no matter your experience level.
  • Strong and flexible tires will make short work of any terrain, and glide effortlessly across the ground.
  • Lightweight, and easy to move between tracks or the road.
  • The simplistic design may be off-putting for more experienced users who want advanced control.
  • Can be difficult to achieve top speeds.


Husqvarna FE 350s in isolated white background

Planning on heading off-road with your motorcycle in between on-road uses? Look no further than the Husqvarna FE 350s with the price of $12,249. This provides everything you need from an off-road bike. 

First, the bike is incredibly well-built with high-quality materials used in every inch and for every component, from the carbon fiber frame to the 450cc engine.

The frame is decorated with subtle graphics of dark blue and light yellow, which sit atop a white body. This stark contrast of colors creates a striking look that is bound to draw attention and awe.

You can use the Husqvarna FE 350s for long periods, just in case you want to hit the dirt tracks again and again to feel the incredible highs of this bike’s top speeds.

The engine is kept cool thanks to a liquid cooling system that pumps the liquid throughout the vehicle, to ensure that the engine does not overheat, or otherwise break down.

The handlebars feature handguards to keep your hands from meeting any unwanted debris that the bike may kick up.

Keeping the bike controlled is easy thanks to the sturdy handlebars that also come with wing mirrors to give you a full sense of your surroundings at all times.

Getting started on the track is easy, as the bike starts up quickly and easily without putting up a fight or spluttering.

The bike is able to maintain level power throughout use, so you won’t find yourself uncomfortably jerking around as the bike struggles to find and maintain a comfortable speed.

The suspension also helps with this, by making uneven terrain an absolute breeze to glide over, and making your ride more comfortable without creating unnecessary strain.

  • Easy to start, which makes hitting the tracks easy and without hassle.
  • A liquid cooling system keeps the vehicle from overheating and breaking down.
  • Striking color and design make it a modern and stylish bike.
  • The handlebar doesn’t provide quite as much control as other models.
  • The license plate bracket can be flimsy and may drop the license plate often.


Beta RR-S 350 Dirt bike in isolated white background

Red and white is a classic color combination when it comes to exciting and thrilling motorbike stunts. Beta RR-S 350 Motorcycle has the price of $11,499.

If you want to feel like a classic daredevil as you roll across both roads and dirt tracks, then you cannot go wrong with the Beta RR-S 350 Enduro which features a sleek white body of carbon fiber, which is complemented by long streaks of red and jet black components deep within the body of the bike.

Control is also made simple with this bike, thanks to its sturdy handlebars with handguards, and even side mirrors.

The RR-S 350 can power itself through all kinds of terrain for hours without putting up a fight thanks to its 349.1cc engine and the 2.4-gallon fuel tank, which means you won’t have to worry about maintenance or refueling until you’re done for the day!

  • Easy and simple to control without hassle or fuss from the bike.
  • Classic and striking design.
  • Secure build that will last for years.
  • The suspension fork feels too soft for extreme jumps and landings.
  • Suspension does not work as efficiently at high speeds.


Sherco 300 SEF Dual Sport

With a 9-liter fuel tank capacity, this motorbike is absolutely perfect for long and extended riding sessions. You likely won’t have to refuel the bike until the next day, thanks to this incredible capacity.

You can also thank the large fuel tank for the incredible speeds that this bike can reach, which allows you to leave your competition well and truly in the dust! 

You can control the bike during these high-speed situations thanks to the well-built handlebars which come complete with handguards to protect your hands from the elements and to allow you to keep control.

Sitting or standing on this bike is also facilitated, thanks to its large size, which makes sitting for extended sessions more comfortable than competing models or brands.

The handlebars also feature grips that are bound to the bike securely so as to avoid accidental slipping in those moments when you need precise control.


  • A large fuel tank and build make this a sturdy vehicle ready for long sessions.
  • Can reach blazing fast speeds.
  • Provides adequate protection for you and internal components.
  • Slightly slower than the 450f model.
  • The large fuel tank does mean that the vehicle is significantly heavier than others.


Honda CRF450RL

The Honda CRF450RL is an incredibly affordable four-stroke motorbike that also has a significantly heftier weight than other models. This dirt costs at $9,999.

The heavier weight is reflected by the incredibly high-quality construction and materials that go into making the bike a reality. 

The bike is not affected by the weight, and can still achieve incredible speeds that will leave onlookers speechless. 

With a 7.6-liter fuel tank, you won’t have to interrupt any long joyrides, and you won’t have to haul any extra fuel around with you.

When you do have to refuel, accessing the tank is made easy and safe, so you can get right back onto the bike and ride to your heart’s content. 

The large fuel tank and engine also mean that the Honda CRF450RL is comfortable to ride in a seating position, due to being slightly wider than other models. But don’t worry, you can just as comfortably ride this baby in a standing position.


  • The solid black color scheme makes this bike instantly iconic.
  • Sturdy frame that will stand the test of time and keep you comfortable.
  • Can reach high speeds and doesn’t need to be constantly refueled.
  • The heavier build may make it more difficult to transport.
  • Red design risks becoming dirtier more easily.

Best Enduro Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

As you have now seen, enduro motorbikes offer you so many advantages and benefits that make them an incredibly worthwhile purchase, thanks to the balance of sports modes that they can provide.

However, because there is so much choice available, you want to make sure that you are picking the right one for your needs. 

In order to help you through this, we have put together this comprehensive guide of best enduro motorcycle to make sure that you end up with the right motorbike no matter what your needs may be!

TOP 10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles for Enduro


Enduro motorbikes are bound to cost you a pretty penny.

You’ll be forking over a considerable cost for one, and while this is due to high-quality materials and construction, you still want to make sure that you are getting value for your money. 

The more features a bike has, the more likely its price will rise.

How much you should spend on a motorbike depends entirely on your skill level, and what you will be using the bike for.

If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, or you don’t need advanced features from your bike, then there is no reason to choose the highest cost models. 

Aim to pick a model with a lower cost, as otherwise, you will be paying for features that you just don’t need.

If you are an experienced rider, then by all means go for more expensive models or brands, as they may be able to offer you the precision and customizability that you need at your skill level.

Fuel Efficiency

The size of the fuel tank varies greatly between models of bike. Some have large capacity tanks that facilitate many hours of riding, while others have smaller tanks that need to be filled more often.

If you want to make use of your motorbike for long sessions, then you should spring for a model that has a larger fuel tank, as this means you will be able to do your thing without having to worry about refueling.

However, with larger fuel tanks also come larger and heavier motorbikes, so you should consider this when choosing.

Larger and heavier motorbikes are great for their durability, but they may be overwhelming for new riders, and they can be more difficult and time-consuming to transport.


Power is another way in which motorbikes can vary wildly. The power that a motorbike can reach will depend on the engine that it is manufactured with.

Small bikes, of course, have smaller engines, while larger bikes will likely have larger engines. However, small bikes can still produce great power and create a satisfying hum when powered up and rolling across dirt paths.

You should consider how much power is necessary to meet your needs. Do you need a bike that can make short work of even the toughest terrain? If so then you should go for a model with a large and powerful engine.

If you don’t need too much power, for example, you just wanted to use the bike on a couple of dirt tracks, then you can spring for a model with a smaller engine to save money.


When we’re riding a motorcycle, we want to feel like we’re moving faster than humanly possible. We want to feel as we cut our way through the air and thus we need our motorbikes to provide the right amount of speed to facilitate this.

The speed of a motorbike can depend on the engine size. A motorbike with a larger engine can likely make short work of rough terrain, which allows you to maintain a high speed even on uneven footing.

However, even small motorbikes can reach incredible speeds, especially on roads or dirt tracks.

Your choice of speed may depend on what you are using the motorbike for.

If you are planning on competing in races, you will likely want a bike that can reach and maintain high speeds, whereas if you just want a bike for occasional adventuring, then you could settle for a slower motorbike.


In order to run efficiently, a motorbike needs to have an efficient coolant system to prevent it from overheating and breaking down.

When looking for your perfect bike, you should look for one that is able to maintain a healthy temperature. Look for bikes with liquid cooling, as these are particularly efficient at keeping the temperature down.

A good coolant system will save you a lot of money, as it will reduce the chance of breakdowns, which means the bike will spend less time at the shop. It also keeps you safer by reducing the risk of burns, or explosions.

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