5 Best Motorcycle And Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

Dirt biking is fast becoming one of the most popular sports.

It is death-defying and freeing, allowing you to navigate some of the most dangerous territories that you can imagine, riding over dirt paths and hills.

But one problem you might have is getting your bike to the course in the first place. You’ll need to know the difference between the tongue weight and the towing weight. The former usually is a fraction of the latter (around 10%).

Tongue weight refers to the downward weight that your SUV or pickup truck can support. These things are incredibly durable, constructed from steel, and made especially to carry your dirt bike safely and securely.

This basically will form a steel cage around your motorcycle. Preventing you from any important components that will certainly impede the functionality of your vehicle. These items should be able to bear the load not just of a single bike, but of multiple bikes in a row.

So if you have a towing capacity of 2000 lbs, then you’ll have a tongue weight of around 200 lbs. So where can you find the best motorcycle bike hitch carrier? What is the best material for a decent hitch carrier? What features should it have to keep your bike super secure for the duration of a long-haul trip?

How much will you have to pay for one of these carriers?  Well, if you want to know the answers to these questions, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have compiled a list of some of the best motorcycles and dirt bike hitch carriers that you can currently find on the market.

We have also compiled a buyer’s guide that will help you decide what to look for. When it comes to having a really good bike hitch carrier.


Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier (400 lbs)

Our first bike and hitch carrier set is pretty solid, lightweight, and with an easy setup. You should be able to rack this bike within a few minutes.

It comes with hitches and cables that you can be sure will give you everything that you need. This will keep your bike on the road for hours at a time. Introducing the Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier (400 lbs). This has an anti-rattle bracket that will prevent the precious parts of your motorcycle from being lost.

All you have to do is hitch these ones to the handle and it will keep the whole bike rooted to the groove. This rack also has plenty of space for you to store bikes for your children too. This is a very versatile hitch carrier. You can even rack this one up to hold multiple bikes on the back of your tower. This might be lightweight, but it really can support a lot of weight.

You can be sure that this one can sustain up to 400 lbs of weight. This is very important if you have a heavier bike that you want to take across the country. This can be loaded from both sides, coming with an interchangeable ramp that will give you the option of much easier loading.

This is a great ramp to use if you are struggling to load your bike onto your truck by hand. It has decent elevation off the ground, so you won’t have to worry about it striking the road.

  • This is one of the most versatile hitch carriers that you can find on the market. This can be loaded from different sides, which is perfect for anyone suffering from mobility issues.
  • This bike rack is one of the most durable and lightweight constructions that you can find. It is easily portable, giving you everything that you need for a decent journey.
  • This comes with anti-rattle technology, which will stop any fierce vibrations from damaging the constitution of your bike over time.
  • This has tie down spots, which will further enhance the stability of your bike. We would recommend using these options if you are negotiating rough terrain.
  • This might be a little basic for anyone looking for superlative support. We would recommend that you get something with more integrated tie-down straps.


Black Widow Steel Deluxe Motorcycle Carrier (600 lbs)

Next up, we have a slightly more heavy-duty option. It is with a bike that can support multiple bikes that have wheels that are up to 7.5 inches wide.

This one comes with an optional ramp that makes loading these bikes a lot easier than you could imagine.

This comes with a chock that you can use to really secure your bike in place. Introducing the Black Widow Steel Deluxe Motorcycle Carrier (600 lbs). This bike hitch carrier comes with plenty of features that you can use to lock your bike securely in place.

This comes with a chock that you can use to securely bolt to the front wheel of your bike if you need to. It also has technology that you can use to completely stop your bike from wobbling when you are riding down the highway. Having this security when you are riding will be very important. As you won’t want your bike to become dislodged or suffer from major damage because of the excessive vibrations.

This ramp will store your bike very safely with wing nuts that you can screw into place. This is perfect for when you are on a long trip. If you are transporting heavier bikes that weigh around 600 lbs. Then, you’ll notice that they actually respond to bumps and impact a lot more heavily than lighter bikes.

We would recommend that you use all of the ties that you would normally have with your hitch carrier. As this will help keep the whole of the bike more evenly secured in place.

  • This is a great hitch carrier for heavier bikes. Not only can it bear a load of around 600 lbs, but it has more bearing ropes that will secure the entire surface area of a larger bike.
  • This hitch carrier will absorb the springiness of some of the heavier bikes. This is important for preserving the overall integrity of your bike.
  • This comes with chock on the wheel that you can use to keep your bike from sliding forward when you are maneuvering it. One of the most common accidents on the road is your bike coming loose because it is not tied down properly.
  • This comes with a winch nut that you can use to adjust to the very specific length of your modified bike.
  • This hitch carrier might be one of the most difficult ones to mount on your car. It also comes with a vertical design that might be tricky to fix for a smaller car.


Black Widow Aluminum Double Motorcycle Carrier

This next rack is one that you can have to mount two bikes, which will certainly help you if you like to take your bike out on the road with you and some friends.

You can mount your bikes side-by-side, making this a great unit for storage as well as ergonomically-friendly - introducing the Black Widow Aluminum Double Motorcycle Carrier.

You can load these bikes backward and forwards, which will really come in handy if you are dealing with a difficult parking situation.

You can carry two of these bikes with a maximum load of around 600 lbs each. 

These also come with tethers that will allow you to keep your bikes completely secure, which is especially good for a long journey.

This comes with an anti-rattle chain that you can be sure won’t jostle any of the parts of your bike loose.

This hitch carrier is probably more useful for bikes that are larger, as it offers you a lot more ground clearance. 

This means that you will have a lot less issues with your bike hitting the floor as you are traveling.

This is one of the best hitch carriers for when you are trekking across the tarmac road.

If you have a journey that will last you on average between 1 and 3 hours, then this is a great device to keep your bikes on the back of your vehicle. 

This will also help you to prevent the natural wobble and tilt of your bikes.

  • This is the perfect hitch carrier if you are even transporting two bikes at the same time. This has great loading capacity and two dual-option ramps.
  • You can hitch the wheels of this bike to your hitch carrier for ultimate stability. You can distribute the weight of your bike more evenly so that it won’t topple over in the vertical position.
  • This also won’t keel over during the more difficult turns. You should always be wary of taking turns fast and heavy when you have bikes hitched to the back.
  • This hitch carrier has a decent tongue weight, giving you everything that you need to keep your bikes towed for a long journey.
  • This is a very hefty hitch carrier and you definitely don’t want it if you are only transporting one bike. This might also be very tricky to attach to the back of your vehicle.


Tilt-A-Rack Aluminum Tilting Motorcycle Carrier

This next hitch is one that comes with an amazing design that will allow you to mount your car very easily with very little issue at all.

This comes with high-grade material such as aluminum and steel, giving you everything that you need for a solid and durable carry for a long haul journey - introducing the Tilt-A-Rack Aluminum Tilting Motorcycle Carrier.

This comes with aluminum, making it much more lightweight than a lot of the carriers that we have listed here.

This hitch carrier can be prone to dints and superficial damage, however, you can still expect it to last you a minimum of a few years out on the tarmac or dirt trail road.

This comes with plenty of anti-wobble and anti-vibration technology. It has a handy pinch hole in the front that will allow you to keep the bike firmly secured in the right position.

This comes with a counter-weighted ramp that will simply allow you to tip the bike into the correct position, locking it in place when it is completely secure.

You can adapt this bike for plenty of different receiving bikes, making it one of the most versatile racks that we have on this list.

It is also slightly higher in price than some of the other racks, although this is only because it really does have some premium features. We would also recommend that you have this one for larger weight bikes.

  • This bike rack can be adapted for most types of larger bike widths, which might come in handy if you are thinking about upgrading the tires on your old bike.
  • This comes with a wonderful system that you can use to lock and secure your bike in place when you are out on the road.
  • This has plenty of pins and comes in a very durable frame. This is lightweight, making it very easy for you to transport from one place to another.
  • You’ll need to make sure that you can unlock and unload your bike quickly and efficiently when you are out on the road.
  • You can only support 400 lbs of weight with this rack. It is also only made from aluminum, so you might have issues with scratches and superficial damage.


Ultimate MX Hauler

Finally, we have one of the most technologically advanced hitch carriers on this list. Coming in a fully automated hydraulic model that you can use to hoist your bike onto the back of your truck or car without having to lift a finger.

It uses precision technology to balance the vertical positioning of your bike perfectly, avoiding toppling issues - introducing the Ultimate MX hauler. You can simply haul this one onto the back of your truck and then use some bolts to hold it in place.

This is a powerful steel frame that is coated with polyurethane to give you that extra stability and softness.

This means that it will not damage the chassis or the tires of your motorcycle, allowing you to keep it for much longer. This comes with integrated tie-up systems that will allow you to keep your motorcycle very secure for the duration of your journey.

When it comes to stability and security, you probably won’t be able to pick up a better model than one of these. You can even use this as a free stand to hold your bike up when you aren’t using it. This comes with anti-wobble technology that will allow you to keep your bike vibration-free, which is very important if you are taking it across the country.

This will stop all the parts of your bike from shaking loose and losing a lot of its composition.

It will also stop you from losing the sheen on your bike, which is important if the presentation means anything to you.

  • This is one of the most technologically-savvy devices that we have on this list. You’ll be able to easily hoist up your 375 lb dirtbike without pulling a single muscle in your body.
  • This can also double as a stand, meaning that you won’t have to prop it up against a tree. You can just leave it freestanding in the middle of a field if you like.
  • You won’t have to use any straps with this hydraulic lifter, making it one of the cleanest and most hassle-free devices you can use.
  • This is perfect for anyone who is new to racing and is keen to preserve the functionality of their favorite bike. This is also very easy to use for younger riders.
  • This high functionality and technology come at a heavy price - you’ll be forking out a few hundred bucks on this hitch carrier, so make sure that you’re a frequent rider if you want to use one.

Best Motorcycle And Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier Buying Guide

So what is the reason for you getting a hitch carrier as opposed to a trailer?

Well, trailers are a lot more heavy-duty, so they will dramatically enlarge the size of your carbon footprint. 

Here are a few other reasons that you might want to pick up one of these hitch carriers:

Best Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier [TOP5]

How Much Weight Can They Bear?

You’ll want to make sure that these hitch carriers can bear the load of, at minimum, 400 lbs. This is the standard weight of most smaller bikes.

If you are exceeding the maximum load capacity of your hitch carrier. Then, you might see the metal of your carrier buckling, becoming warped, and damaging the surface of your bike.

How Much Does It Affect The Tongue Weight?

The tongue weight is the load that the connective tissue between the hitch carrier and your vehicle can bear.

You’ll need to make sure that the tongue weight is around 10% of what the hitch carrier weight should be.

If you exceed the tongue capacity of your hitch carrier, then you might be experiencing the metal in this area twisting and maybe even detaching completely.

We would recommend that you try driving your car with an empty hitch carrier to see how it affects the handling of your vehicle.

How Well Does It Fit On Your Vehicle?

Remember that you’ll need to take into account the shape of the back of your vehicle.

If you have lots of tail lights or a thick bumper, then you might run into some issues when you are trying to affix your hitch carrier to the back.

If you are looking to hitch multiple bikes to the back of your car, then you’ll also have to remember that this will increase the ultimate weight load of your entire vehicle.

You should make sure that your car itself can bear the weight of extra bikes, the hitch carrier and a full load of passengers inside.

What Terrains Will You Be Driving On?

The impact of terrain that you’re driving on will definitely affect how your bike rack functions and how well it moves across the surface.

If you are driving across the tarmac alone, then you might not expect to find that much trauma experienced by your hitch carrier.

However, if you are on tarmac and gravel, then that will be a much different story. We would recommend that if you are driving on a gravel or uneven dirt path. Then, you get a hitch carrier that comes made from a durable material like steel or even carbon fiber.

These will generally be a lot more expensive, but you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of stability and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Are Hitch Carriers?

Always make sure that you research the constitution and maximum weight capacity of your hitch carrier before you buy it.

One of the best methods of making your hitch carrier go from being very safe to very unsafe will be to exceed the weight limit.

You should also calculate the right weight limit of your tongue carrier.

You’ll have to make sure that your hitch carrier works without any bikes being loaded onto it first.

We would recommend that you load up your hitch carrier with your bikes and go for a test drive. 

This will be so that you can accurately get a feel for your vehicle with the added weight.

How Best To Secure Your Bike To Your Hitch Carrier?

There will often be various tie-down points on your hitch carrier. This will make it perfect for getting that overall stability on the entire surface of your hitch carrier.

We would also recommend that you use all the chocks and locks that it comes with to make sure your wheels are very secure. If you want to preserve the paintwork on your bike. You might want to consider placing thick felt in between the points where your hitch carrier connects with the bike itself.

If you want additional security, then you can always add your own straps or cable ties. Although make sure that they are firmly tied to the chassis of your hitch carrier.

Our Final Say

We hope that our guide to some of the best hitch carriers on the market has helped you to narrow down which ones will be the most suitable for your needs.

Danny Williams