7 Best Dirt Bike Trailers (Ultimate Guide)

For many dirt bikers, their hobby is not just a bit of high-octane fun. In some cases, it provides a much-needed escape from cities and a chance to explore the great outdoors.

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Tearing down mud tracks at high speeds is not only exhilarating, but it can also be a very liberating experience for many enthusiasts. The question is if you do live in a small town or city, without easy access to the countryside. How do you transport your bike to a track where it can be ridden?

Most dirt bikes are not road legal, so riding them to your preferred spot is not an option. Often if you are faced with the issue of transporting any motorcycle, a trailer is your only choice. Trailers can be hooked to the back of your car, allowing you to transport both your bike and all your kit with ease.

Clearly, not just any trailer will do for something as valuable as a motorcycle. So, we’ve composed a list of some of the best dirt bike trailers on the market.

Which one you pick will depend on a number of factors. Such as how many bikes you need to transport and how much protection you want the trailer to offer.

To help you make an informed decision. There is a helpful guide at the end of this list to tell you everything you need to know when choosing a trailer for your dirt bike.


Kendon Stand-Up Single Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer

This is an open trailer for carrying a single bike behind your car or van. With a powered steel frame and aluminum diamond plate deck, this trailer is both light and highly durable.

While the open design doesn’t offer much in the way of protection for your dirt bike. It will save you money on gasoline as your car or van won’t have to work as hard to drag the trailer behind it.

The SRL in the name stands for ‘Suspension Reactive Loading’ which is a feature that allows you to ride your motorcycle on and off the trailer.

This makes it easier to load heavy bikes without having to lift them on and off the deck.

The folding ramp and lightweight design mean one person should be able to operate this trailer without any trouble.

With a heavy-duty axle supporting the wheels, and a maximum weight limit of 1000lbs. You shouldn’t have any trouble transporting even your largest dirt bike to the track.

Not only is this trailer simple to use, but it also won’t take up much space in your garage thanks to the unique folding design.

  • Heavy-duty torsion bar axle - Allows this trailer to carry up to 1000lbs
  • Foldable design - Makes this trailer easy to store when not in use 
  • Suspension reactive loading - Load or unload your bike by riding it on and off the deck.
  • Lightweight - A single person will have no problem handling this folding trailer.
  • No protection against extreme weather - Doesn’t offer much protection from heavy rain or hail. 


Legacy 7' Wide Motorcycle Trailer

The two main types of trailers include open and closed designs.

As we have seen, the open models can be cheaper and easier to use. However, they offer less protection for your bike.

This Legacy 7ft wide closed trailer can carry two bikes as well as all your dirt biking kit while keeping everything perfectly dry and safe. If you need to transport more than two bikes, this trailer comes in three different sizes.

There are a number of useful features included such as LED lighting, a door with a flush lock, and a 24-inch tall aluminum stone guard.

The interior is fitted with 8 large D-rings for strapping your bike down or if you want more security there is the option of adding a recessed E track. This will provide extra stability for your bike’s wheels. All of the wheels are mounted on torsion axles to soak up impacts and prevent damage to your trailer and its contents when traveling over rough ground.

With a spring-assisted door ramp, loading and unloading are incredibly easy, even at night when the LED lights will help you see what you are doing.

This is a much more expensive option than an open trailer. However,  you are paying for complete protection against any bad weather and enough storage space for two bikes plus all your riding gear.

  • 24in Aluminum stone guard - Protects the bottom of your trailer from stones and other flying debris while driving down dirt tracks. 
  • LED interior lighting - Makes loading and unloading much easier, especially at night.
  • Fully customizable - This trailer comes in different colors and with a range of optional accessories to choose from. 
  • Spring-assisted door ramp - Makes raising and lowing the ramp possible for a single person. 
  • Closed trailer - Grants full protection against all weather conditions and impacts. 
  • Expensive - Expect to pay considerably more than you would for an open trailer. 
  • Higher fuel consumption - Dragging a closed trailer behind your car will slightly raise your fuel consumption. 


Sportstar ATV Utility Trailer Kit

As you can tell by the name, this is a trailer designed for carrying quad bikes and ATVs. This means it won’t have any problem transporting a dirt bike.

You may even be able to fit two bikes, as long as they don’t exceed the 690lb weight limit. This trailer is built from powdered steel, so it is rust-resistant and highly durable. The ramp folds flat for when you want to use the trailer for other utilities aside from transporting vehicles.

To prevent the ramp from flying open while you’re driving, there are both a latch and safety pins in place to keep your precious cargo secure.

There is also a brace on the 2in the coupler to stop the trailer from detaching from your van mid-transit. The wheels have a 55mph speed capacity, which indicates how fast you can drive while towing this trailer.

For added convenience, there is a spare tire holder included as well, so you can perform basic repairs on your bike without having to take it home.

  • Made from powdered steel - This trailer is very durable and won’t rust if exposed to rain. 
  • Safety latch and pin - Make sure your ramp never comes undone during transport 
  • 2-inch coupler with a brace - Once this trailer is attached to your van or car, it won’t be coming off until you detach it. 
  • Spare tire holder - Carry a spare tire for either your trailer or dirt bike in case of emergencies. 
  • 690lb weight limit - If you want to carry two bikes in this trailer, make sure they are both reasonably light. 


ACE Single Motorcycle Trailer

If you don’t think you can afford a full trailer, then no need to panic.

This streamlined single-bike carrier has everything you need to take your bike to and from the track at an affordable price.

The minimalist design may be off-putting to some people who would like their dirt bikes to be more protected during transit.

Rest assured though, the frame of this trailer is made from high-quality powdered steel. So, as long as you strap your bike down well, there isn’t much that can go wrong. There is a fold-out ramp to make loading and unloading your bike easier, and there is the option of adding running boards should you wish.

ACE has made the rail extra wide to accommodate larger tires, which makes this trailer very suitable for dirt bikes. The axle doesn’t provide any extra suspension, so watch out when driving over rough terrain.

With swivel casters, this trailer is easy to maneuver and there are two lights installed above each wheel to make sure it is road legal.

Not only is the frame rust-resistant, but it is also so thin that you won’t have any problem finding space in your garage to store this trailer.

  • Affordable - This is one of the cheaper trailers you can find online. 
  • Powdered steel frame - Provides rust resistance and durability.
  • Trailer hitch comes with a chain - To make sure this trailer is attached to your car securely before driving anywhere.
  • Wide rail - This can accommodate the thicker tires on most dirt bikes.
  • Folding ramp - This makes loading and unloading your bike much easier.
  • No torsion bar axle - The axle on this trailer is not built to provide extra suspension and absorb impacts 


Swivelwheel Dual Wheel RV Fifth Wheel Carrier – 8' W x 5' L

It may not look much, but this flatbed trailer is capable of carrying up to 1200 lbs. Making it great for transporting ATVs, golf carts, or multiple dirt bikes.

The two wheels are quite small, but they come with torsion suspensions and friction pads to make for a smooth towing experience.

With two rear lights that are fully compliant with DOT standards, this trailer is perfectly road legal. The trailer itself is made from a powdered steel frame with .75in plywood for the deck, which is just over 2ft off the ground.

This is plenty of clearance to protect both your trailer and its cargo. However, without a ramp for loading, you will need to lift your bike onto the trailer by hand.

There are two hitch receivers included for making use of the dual hitch mount. However, to do so you will need a professional welder to add the receivers to your vehicle. Another feature is the 2” by 2” stake receivers built into the front and back, which will provide tie-down points or places to install a frame.

The stakes themselves are not provided, so you will have to buy them separately or make your own.

This won’t be too difficult though as this trailer is very customizable, and it won’t take much handy work to add strap points and guards for protecting your bike.

  • Dual hitch receivers and mount - Prevent this trailer from detaching during transit. 
  • 1200lbs weight capacity - This trailer can easily carry two dirt bikes at a time
  • Rear lights meet DOT standards - Once plugged in, you will still be able to indicate using the trailer’s inbuilt lights. 
  • Stake receivers at both ends - Can be used as tie-down points or for holding stakes to build a frame around the trailer’s circumference. 
  • No ramp - Unless you can build your own, you will need to lift your bike on and off the trailer.


Freestyle 3-Rail Motorcycle Trailer

If you are looking for a cheap way to transport up to three dirt bikes at the same time. Freestyle has you covered with this 3-rail folding motorcycle trailer.

This model works very similarly to the Kendon, so it is easy to store and remarkably lightweight, coming in at only 380 lbs.

Despite not being heavy itself, this folding trailer can carry up to 1500 lbs. Meaning you can easily load it up with three dirt bikes at the same time. The wheels have radial tires for better grip when driving off-road, and the torsion axle will promise a smooth ride over any terrain.

Wide channel rails are included to accommodate any thickness of tire, and the 27ft wide deck has a folding ramp for easy loading and unloading. There are integrated tie-down loops on the deck to make securing your bike much easier.

The 2” ball coupler comes with safety cables so even if your hitch comes loose, the trailer will not fully detach from your car.

The great thing about the lightweight deck is that it is powder-coated. It resists rust and provides extra durability while still being light enough for one person to operate on their own.

  • Can carry three bikes - This folding open trailer will allow you to transport three bikes at once.
  • Folding design - This makes this trailer very easy to store when not in use.
  • Lightweight powder-coated steel frame - This trailer is durable, rust-resistant, and able to be operated by only one person. 
  • Integrated tie-down loops and wheel chocks - For completely securing your bike during transit.
  • Torsion axle and aluminum wheels with radial tires - This trailer provides a perfectly smooth ride for your bike even when traveling over rough ground. 
  • Only compatible with larger cars - This trailer is advertised as being able to tow up to 1500lbs, but this will only work if the hitch on your car can support this kind of weight.


1 Bike Flip Top Motorcycle Trailer

Open trailers have their benefits, such as lower fuel consumption, affordability, and the ability to still use your rear mirror.

However, if you really want to keep your bike safe, closed trailers offer protection against any weather conditions as well as a myriad of other benefits. 

This closed trailer is a compact and efficient way of transporting your dirt bike without having to worry about it falling off during transit.

This Ironhorse bike trailer has a glossy fiberglass finish and sleek, aerodynamic design.

Not only does this look great, but it also reduces wind resistance, so dragging the trailer behind your car won’t massively increase your gas consumption. 

The ramp door is spring-assisted for easy loading and unloading.

There is a 2-inch coupler and with a chain brace for securely attaching this trailer to the back of your van.

You can fully customize the inside with D-rings for strapping your bike down, a spare tire mount, or any other additions you can think of.

The Torflex EZ lube torsion axles can support up to 1230lbs as well as providing a smooth towing experience that will keep your bike perfectly safe.

  • Fiberglass interior and exterior with Gelcoat finish - Unlike other fiberglass trailers, you won’t need to paint this one before using it. 
  • Spring-assisted ramp - Makes loading and unloading your bike significantly easier
  • Closed trailer - Protect your bike from falling out or being exposed to extreme weather. 
  • Customizable - This trailer is easy to kit out with all the accessories and equipment you want. 
  • Expensive - This trailer is not for those working on a budget 

Best Dirt Bike Trailer Buying Guide

If you have a dirt bike but don’t live near a track, then you should look into getting a proper bike trailer.

Which trailer you get will depend on multiple factors, but the main one will always be safety. 

If your bike falls off during transit, it could cause serious damage not just to itself but also to anyone driving behind you.

Here are the most important things to consider when shopping for a trailer to carry your dirt bike. 

Best Dirt Bike Trailer

Open Vs Closed Trailers

The first thing you will want to consider is if you want a full trailer with a roof and walls, or an open one that is exposed to the elements.

As long as you strap your bike down properly, both are safe and equally valid ways of transporting your vehicle. 

Obviously, closed trailers are generally safer, as the bike cannot fall out very easily and is protected from all weather conditions.

On the other hand, a good closed trailer will be considerably more expensive than the alternatives. 

Aside from cash, you won’t be able to use your rear mirror while towing a large box directly behind you.

Due to their shape and larger surface area, closed trailers are also slightly harder for your car to pull along and will therefore increase your fuel consumption.

Open trailers may seem less safe, but many of them have useful features for tieing down the bike, so it definitely can’t move.

These trailers are much cheaper and easier to customize than closed ones, which will often require a drill at the very least to install extra features.

Another variety of open trailers are folding models. These offer all the advantages of an open trailer, while also being easy to store since they fold up into a more compact shape.

They are also compatible with a wider variety of hitches, meaning you can normally tow them behind your ordinary car rather than needing a pickup truck or van. 

How Many Bikes Do You Want To Carry?

Some trailers can carry up to three or four bikes, but this is overkill if you only need to transport one.

If a trailer doesn’t have a specific number of bikes it is meant to carry, always check the weight limit before trying to load more than one at a time. 

Is It Compatible With Your Car’s Hitch?

Always check what class of hitch your car or van has and make sure the trailer you are buying will be able to attach to it.

Some carriers will have chains to ensure that even if the hitch comes loose, the trailer won’t fully detach from your car. 

Double-check that your vehicle’s hitch can support as much weight as your trailer, or it still might break, even if you are transporting less than the trailer’s weight limit. 

Is There A Ramp?

Most dirt bikes are light enough that you can lift them onto a trailer by hand, but having a ramp will make things so much easier.

Some ramps are spring-loaded to reduce the amount of work it takes to raise and lower them, while others may be separate pieces entirely that you attach via hooks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Secure My Dirt Bike To The Trailer?

Naturally, owning a trailer is no good if you can’t stop the bike from moving around while it is being transported.

Many trailers will have built-in wheel chocks to stop this, but you will still need more.

First, you will need to buy heavy-duty straps with ratchets for shortening and lengthening them as needed. Many trailers will have loops or D-rings for attaching these straps, but you can easily add your own if necessary.

Hook two straps at the front of each handlebar and secure the front and back wheels with chocks.

Place another strap over the back of the bike’s frame and compress your front and back suspension. 

After doing this, tighten all the straps until the bike can stand on its own without wobbling. Always double-check how stable the motorcycle is and keep readjusting the tension until it is perfectly secure. 

Does My Trailer Need Lights?

All trailers are required to have two red sidelights, two stoplights, triangular reflectors, an illuminated license plate, and amber indicators in order to be road legal.

Many of them come with plugs for allowing these lights to run off your car’s battery. 

Is My Car Capable Of Towing A Trailer?

In order to know if your car is suitable for pulling a trailer behind it, the first thing you will need to check is what kind of hitch you have.

Not all cars even have hitches, and you may need to have one welded on by a professional if this is the case.

Generally speaking, a class III hitch will be enough for towing most trailers, but it will depend on how much weight you want to transport.

Heavier loads, such as multiple dirt bikes, may require a class IV or even V hitch to be towed safely.

If you look under the back of your car and locate your trailer hitch, you should be able to find its weight specifications either imprinted in the metal or on a label.

Here is a handy site for deciphering exactly what type of hitch your car has and how much it can safely tow. 

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