Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike Review

We were introduced to dirt bikes at a young age as our family was heavily involved in motocross. However, back then the only dirt bikes around were gas-powered ones, which was great for thrill-seekers like us. Still, not so much for the hearts of our mothers watching us try them out for the first time.

Nowadays, we wouldn’t dare let our kids try a gas-powered dirt bike for their first time using one. Not only because we know how powerful they are. Yet, also because we knew how unruly we were on them when we were their age.

Girl riding Razor MX350 electic bike

However, this doesn’t mean that kids these days have to wait until they’re older or more responsible to try out dirt biking for the first time. There is now an abundance of electric dirt bikes on the market which are a lot safer and kid-friendly.

Electric dirt bikes for children have a much lower maximum speed, which will help to keep your kid safe whilst they’re riding. However, it still gives them the freedom to learn to ride a dirt bike and build their confidence. Then, they can eventually move onto a faster, bigger, and more efficient model like a gas one.

One particular electric dirt bike for kids that sparked our interest a while back was the Razor MX350 model. It has created a buzz within our motocross friendship groups and has received a lot of hype online within the community. This electric bike costs $399.99.

We wanted to see for ourselves. So, we tried and tested the bike with our kids to bring you a full in-depth review of both our opinions and the thoughts of the kids. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea if the MX350 is worth your money or not. So keep on reading to find out more!

Technical Specifications

  • Max Rider Weight: 140lbs (63kg)
  • Speed: Up to 14 mph (22 km/h)
  • Run Time: Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Range: 7 miles (11km)
  • Motor: 250W, single speed
  • Throttle: Twist-grip
  • Brake: Hand-operated, rear
  • Frame: Steel with authentic dirt bike geometry
  • Fork: Double-crown
  • Fairings: Shatter-resistant plastic
  • Handlebars: Adjustable-angle, riser-style
  • Grips: Soft, rubber
  • Wheels: Spoked with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • Foot Pegs: Folding, metal
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid, rechargeable
  • Charing Time: 10 hours
  • Includes: Battery charger

Buyer's Guide

Is The MX350 From Razor Worth Buying?

When it comes to electric dirt bikes for kids, Razor is one of the most highly recommended companies as they are pretty affordable. This is great if your kid is not yet formed a true passion for the sport but still wants to try it out. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something they’ll only use once right?

Razor’s dirt bikes for kids are widely considered to be safe and easy to operate. This makes them ideal for younger children and those who have no experience with biking or motocross equipment. These bikes have zero to little noise. This means if you’ve got neighbors who live close by. You won’t have to worry about the bike disturbing them first thing on a Sunday morning when your kid is eager to get out there.

Albeit, there is not a major price difference between electric and gas-powered dirt bikes at the moment. At least you won’t have to worry about repurchasing fuel each time to run the engine which your child will not be able to do on their own. On Amazon, the MX350 has accumulated over 7,700 reviews with an average rating of 4.6, and 86% of customers rated the product 5/5 stars. This is pretty impressive for what seems like an entry-level electric dirt bike.

However, this is an overview of other people’s findings and the consensus on the bike. Some of which may be from people who don’t know too much about electric dirt bikes. We can be quite harsh critics here at Faster-faster. However, we were very impressed with the Razor MX350 e-dirt bike and so were the kids our in-depth review will be able to show you just how awesome it is.

Size & Weight

Pink Razor MX350 in white background

For a kid’s dirt bike that’s recommended for a minimum age of 13, we’d say this is an unusually very small model.

However, we think this is more to cover Razor’s backs legally when it comes to safety rather than being the best size for that age. The bike weighs just under 49 lbs, which for the build quality and size of the bike, is pretty remarkable as you’d think it would weigh a lot more.

However, being built for kids, it needs to be light enough for it not to crush smaller people. If they happen to fall over whilst riding it and it does just that. It’s also lightweight enough to be pushed and transported around by kids without the parents having to put in all the back work.

This means if you’re transporting them in the back of your truck to some dirt trails. You won’t have to worry about unloading your kids’ bike as well as your one.

Age Range

As we said, the MX350 model from Razor is advertised as being best suited for ages 13+. However, we disagree with this unless your teenager is shorter than average teens their age and/or lighter than 140 lbs. I’d recommend the dirt bike to be best suited for children between ages 5 and 8. They’ll certainly need to be confident with riding their peddle bicycle without the training wheels on.

Girl riding the Razor MX350 electric bike in the trail

They’ll need to be able to balance this bike on their own and stay completely in control. However, as long as your child is below 140 lbs and/or they’re short enough to sit comfortably and remain in control. Then, we’re sure older children will still be able to ride the MX350.

We wouldn’t let your kid ride off on the bike on their own the first time. Make sure to stand by their side and show them how everything works and start them off slowly.

It’s pretty easy to operate, but if your kid hasn’t used any sort of motocross vehicle before then they may find it difficult to use at the start. The MX350 is great if you’ve got multiple kids as it’ll be able to be interchanged between them. However, as they grow older you’ll need to upgrade to a larger size as the maximum rider weight is 140lbs.

Unless your kids are responsible enough to be left to their own devices, then we wouldn’t recommend they ride dirt bikes on their own. Especially if they’re going to be letting their friends have a ride on the model. The MX350 is compatible with training wheels, so this will be the first bike/electric bike for a child. Then you’ll be able to let them learn at their own pace before taking the training wheels off.


Yes, this kid’s electric dirt bike is not going to come up close to your gas-powered dirt bike. However, the build quality is pretty impressive for a model of this price. It has a solid steel frame that’ll be able to endure plenty of wear and tear. Whether that’s from falling off the bike, or chucking it down on the floor (despite it having a kickstand) once they’re done riding it.

The engine is also completely enclosed for ultimate safety. So, you won’t have to worry about electrical wires or components coming loose or even your kids meddling with it when they’re left to their own devices. We were worried as from the photos, it does look like a load of plastic piled together. However, in person, it looks a lot more premium than the budget-friendly price tag that came with it.


The MX350 has a top speed of 14mph (22.5 KPH). However, this will depend on the rider as lightweight or smaller kids. May be able to easily achieve the top speeds as they don’t put too much strain on the drive-train.

Heavier riders may struggle or not be able to achieve the top speed, however, this is declared within the handbook that comes with the bike.

However, max speed may not need to be an issue for younger children who are just learning the ropes of riding a dirt bike. Although more experienced riders may find the top speed underwhelming especially if they’re ridden gas-powered dirt bikes before.


The bike advertises itself as having 30 minutes of continuous run time. However, this can vary depending on the rider and also the terrain they are riding in. If your child is lightweight, then they may be able to get up to 1 hour of run time on smooth terrains in the neighborhood. However, heavier children (those nearer to the maximum rider weight) will find the run time is close to 30 minutes.

Riding hills and trails will run the battery down quicker. So, if you are looking to make it last as long as possible then we’d recommend riding it on smooth terrain.

Considering the bike can take up to 6 hours to fully charge again, 30 minutes is slightly disappointing and can go quite quickly. Especially during the early stages of your child’s training and riding. We do wish the batteries could be charged outside the unit so then you could buy spare batteries to alternate with whilst you’re charging the other ones.

Unfortunately, the batteries must be charged in the unit, so you are unable to ride the bike whilst the batteries charge.


The electric bike can be ridden both on the roads and in off-road environments. However, make sure what your state laws say before riding it around your neighborhood as you don’t want to run in with the cops over a kid’s bike. It rides well on grass, mud, sand, and most other off-road terrains. However, the tougher or wetter the terrain, the quicker the battery will die as the engine has to work harder.

We’d recommend planning any routes that you plan to take. So, you don’t end up having to push the MX350 for the rest of the journey if the battery dies on you. However, if your kids aren’t confident with riding on smooth terrains just yet, we’d avoid heading out onto rough terrains until they are.

Once they’re confident, they’ll be able to maneuver the bike around more and find off-road biking more enjoyable.


However, continuous off-road biking is not ideally recommended for the MX350 as it lacks suspension. However, the bigger models from Razor do come with adequate suspension so if you were looking for a dedicated off-road bike then sibling models may be better.

Kids are pretty fearless and all they care about is getting that adrenaline rush on the bike. So, they may not care about the feedback they’ll get from the lack of suspension when riding on off-road terrains.


The main issue with electric bikes or vehicles is the lack of noise that they create. This is ideal for grumbling neighbors who complain at the faintest of noises. However, not great for pedestrians and other drivers as they can’t hear the bike coming.

As we said, these bikes are pretty small and it’ll be difficult for cars to see your kid riding their bike on the streets. So, we’d highly recommend supervising them at all times when they’re riding around your neighborhood.

Ease Of Use

Electric bikes are a lot easier to learn to use and operate than gas-powered ones and the MX350 is no different.

Sure, you’ll have to show them the ropes the first few times. However, surely and shortly they’ll become confident to start it up and ride it on their own accord. All you need to do is flip the switch and then they’re good to start riding.

The charging area is also pretty child-friendly. Also, they’ll be able to park their bike and charge it by themselves instead of relying on you each time.


The Razor kid's bikes are built for safety and are ideal for smaller or more cautious children.

The seat is low enough that kids can easily reach the floor should they lose their balance or when it comes to mounting or dismounting the bike. The brakes are just the right balance. Allowing accurate braking as and when you need them but without being too fast that it could throw the child off. The electric engine is covered up to be childproof. Also, it doesn’t get hot like a gas-powered engine which means your kids won’t burn themselves when riding.

However, wearing protective clothing and headwear is always recommended when riding any sort of powered bike. The safety features on the bike cannot prevent your child from acquiring an injury should they fall off.


The build quality is good for a kid’s electric dirt bike. We’ve had previous models from Razor last for over 5 years, but that was not without some maintenance here and there.

As long as you take care of the bike i.e giving it a rinse after riding through mud, wiping it down. Also, keep it properly stored when not in use. Then, it should be able to last you a solid few years of continuous use.

As the engine is electric, it’ll be more prone to failure and eventually refusing to hold a charge at some point. So, you may need to swap it out for a new battery altogether which will only cost around $20.


The MX350 comes with a manufacturing warranty that protects the customer against defects for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

However, be careful as this doesn’t cover any problems that may occur from improper use or improper assembling. So, make sure to follow instructions and read the T&Cs carefully.

Concluding Thoughts: Would We Recommend?

For ages 4-10 (depending on height and weight) we’d highly recommend the MX350 electric dirt bike, especially if this will be their first time riding one.

It’s a good balance of safety and power that makes it suitable for younger children who seek the thrills and adrenaline of riding.

However, also parents who want their children to stay safe on the trails. It would receive full marks from us if it had a longer battery life and some suspension within the build. However, for such a budget-friendly price you cannot pick faults within the MX350.

Danny Williams